What is LACE MAgazine?

The goal of LACE Magazine is to establish a multifaceted and inclusive medium for creators of all backgrounds to contribute in the celebration and application of fashion and art.

LACE stands for Launching A Creative Edge. This publication aspires to inspire. We welcome and encourage both experienced creatives and those foreign to the art world alike to come together to appreciate and in engage art.


As artists, we pour our hearts and our lives into our work. At face value we are people, but much like with barcodes when we are scanned and when our beings are searched we can be seen for what we really are, our code. This code defines us. Whether it be an painter, a sculptor, a designer, or curator, the unique lines and nuances of our personalities come together to create a unique persona that is our own, our code.

Identity is at the heart of every communicative act and, through our art, we share ourselves with the world around us. Art is a unifier and LACE intends to be a home for this unifier by being an expressive space for the production of art and creative media. 

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