Incorporating fresh sounds and rhythms to his music, Charley Coin is giving us an updated peek into where the music industry is headed. Based in center city Philadelphia, Charley manages his life as a student at Temple University while also continuously innovating funky melodies. Fusing Pop, RnB, EDM, and many other genres together, Charley’s tunes are completely unique and personal to him. This month, we cast a spotlight on Charley Coin, a driving force for originality and a viable source for the latest beats and anthems.

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Where did your journey in music start for you? How long have you been interested in music?

I started playing the drums when I was five, and took my first guitar lessons at six, so it’s been a little while now. I’ve pretty much been fascinated by music from the jump.

How would you describe your style of music? What goals do you have for yourself and where do you want this lead to?

Weird pop/RnB. I love pop and catchy songs, but hate trite lyricism and over-used sounds and boring production, so I try to keep it weird in one way or another. My goals include producing or writing a hit song at some point in my life and scoring a film—either of those would be huge, just depends what I get to first. I think making music for films would be an awesome end-goal because of the limitless nature of the work, you get to do whatever you want sonically.


What has kept you motivated and inspired to continue your passion in music? What kinds of themes and topics can we find throughout your music?

Every day of my life I listen to music, and make music in some form, whether that’s making a new beat or song or just playing an instrument for an hour or so, and I think that keeps me in touch with this musical narrative I live by. I love love so I write a lot of love songs, but you’ll find anguish, and longing in there as well. I try to not just write lovey-dovey bullshit, but try to paint love as the complex give-and-take relationship it is. I guess most of my writing is underscored by relationships, whether romantic or platonic.


What does the writing and producing process look like for you? Describe what it’s like to be in your shoes when you’re creating.


It always changes. There’s no formula to what I do, and I try to stay creative by constantly switching up my way into writing. Sometimes I start with a drumbeat; sometimes I start with a synth line or guitar part. Generally speaking, though, I usually try to make a beat that inspires me to write to it, though sometimes (in the case of my song Wish You Were Here) I start with a hook idea then build a beat around it.


What has been your greatest achievement so far? What are you most proud of?

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My greatest achievement is just still being active. So many people try making music in their teenage years or into their early twenties, but at a certain point become disheartened or just bummed that they aren’t famous (which, by the way, is super corny). I love making music, and I get a big kick out of people responding well to the stuff I put out. A kid came up to me on campus yesterday and said he really liked my music and that made me feel really good, like, I put all this work in on my end to make great music and it’s awesome to see that it actually affects people on the other end.


What is one thing about your music that you think is unique and stands out from the rest? Techniques, sounds, etc.

I think my experience in different genres is what really allows me to be experimental when I want to and specific when I need to. I used to be just an acoustic singer-songwriter kid, then started producing hip-hop early on in high-school, moving into EDM making house, trap, club music and moving into more experimental remixes in early college, then into a more RnB-influenced style. So you’ll hear elements of all of those different styles in what I make now.


What can we expect next from Charley Coin? What plans do you have for the future?

Songs! Music videos! Shows! T-shirts! I’m wrapping up the releases of full songs from my 2017 Summer Catalog right now, and working on tying together a Fall or Winter catalog depending on how much I have finished at what point. I have plans for a video for my song “By Myself” that I’m excited about. I also have been producing most of my friend Schilly’s stuff, and we have a few tracks on deck that are really special.