The Perfect Coat for Living in a Concrete Jungle

Finding statement pieces for winter can be difficult. When you find something good, it's covered up by the same black pea coat you've had for years. Well, let me introduce you to the new savior of fashion in winter: the leopard print coat.

It has been popping up everywhere since the first fall breeze of September. While fur always comes up in the winter as a trend, this is a very specific take. The lapels are present, the length falls at the mid-thigh, and it is paired  as a neutral.

Elaine Welteroth

Image from Vogue

What is the appeal of the leopard print coat? Feeling like you can afford real fur while consciously buying a faux option is perfect for the social responsibility and social class conscious consumer. It also stands out in the sea of wool and puffers to give the illusion that staying warm isn't the highest priority when it comes to going outside in the colder months (that being said, the one I own is one of the warmest jackets I have). The styling opportunities are abundant when seen as a neutral despite being graphic against denim and black. Whether delicately placed atop the shoulders or buttoned up to the top, this coat is more versatile that it seems.

Olivia Culpo

Image from Splash News

Shop some options below:

If you want the look of an authentic fur coat, the seams and collar in this one from H&M has you covered.

If you want more of a traditional coat with a woolen look and simple spots, here is a good pick from ASOS.

If you're looking for an update on your worn leather jacket that won't carry into winter, this version from REVOLVE has the zippers and cropped length to match.

Megan Conover