Athleisure: How to Dress Up Your Dress Down

I love sweat pants and hoodies just as much as the next person so you could imagine my excitement when one of this year’s hot new trends was dressing up some sweats. It was like my worlds collided. It’s convenient because you can throw on a quick and comfortable outfit. It’s chic because you can add a variety of accessories ranging from big and bright jewels to diva shades. And most importantly, it's modern because there is no right or wrong way to rock it.

That being said, there’s more to this growing trend than just the traditional grey sweats combo. It encompasses all forms of athletic wear: joggers, shirts, tennis skirts and basketball shorts, jackets, pullovers, shoes, and even accessories like hats and headbands. "Athleisure", or the trend of wearing clothing designed for athletic use in other settings, allows for the blend between high fashion and athletic wear for different purposes.


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Pictured: Balenciaga SS18  Source: Tumblr

Pictured: Balenciaga SS18

Source: Tumblr

Pictured: Yoyo Cao (yoyokulala)  Source: Tumblr

Pictured: Yoyo Cao (yoyokulala)

Source: Tumblr

You can wear a tracksuit paired with kitten heels and a chunky necklace to run errands. You can throw on some joggers with a t-shirt, a leather jacket, sneakers, and a statement watch just to go to class. Pair an oversized bubble coat with running leggings, an Under Armour compression top, and 3/4 boot heels and a bag for a day out. The possibilities are endless and very much so affordable!

If you are looking to ease into or amplify your collection of multipurpose athletic-wear there are a few pieces that you will need:

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First up: sneakers. You really can’t go wrong as they are easy to wear and even easier to style. The style of your sneaker is up to you, I personally recommend a very basic sneaker like the Nike Rosche's ($50-$100) or Adidas NMD’s ($130-$170) because they are super comfortable and the simplicity in their design makes them easy to pair with different outfits.



Another must have: a track jacket. A light alternative to a bomber jacket, track jackets can be worn for many different occasions because there are so many different textures, colors, patterns, and styles. You have a party? Boom, bling it up. You have to run errands? Throw on a bright but light jacket and get to steppin! You can pick these bad boys up from anywhere between $20-$100+ in basically any store. I recommend Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Forever 21, or thrift stores.



Next: a pair of joggers. They are comfortable, loose enough to give you some breathing room and flexibility throughout your day, and easy on the wallet as well; you can find them in a variety of places like Macy’s, Marshall's, Adidas, Kohl’s, any sport outlet, etc. and they range anywhere from $15-$65 (depending upon where you go).



This is one that you guys know and love: HOODIES and PULLOVERS! I’m sure you all have one from a sport you played or a place you've visited. Luckily, they are among the key pieces that create the foundation for this very trend. Dress them up with a statement necklace and some printed pants for an event or keep it simple by pairing it with some jeans and dress shoes. These long-lasting and super comfy bad boys can be found literally everywhere- Walmart, Costco (yes, even Costco), sports department stores, and the stores mentioned above.


With a trend like this, the sky’s the limit so don’t be afraid to take some risks with it! Mix and match some prints, pair sweats with dress shoes, and most importantly, add your own flare to it. The whole point of participating in fun and versatile trends like this is to make it your own no matter your style, so go on and have some fun with it.


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