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IG:   @evelynfromtheinternets     Code : Comedian, Video Editor, Creator

IG: @evelynfromtheinternets 

Code: Comedian, Video Editor, Creator


Do you consider yourself a vlogger?

I use storytellerbecause that’s the root of what I do, independent of the medium my story is on. YouTube or “video blogging” might not be a thing in the future -- I might be a hologram storyteller for all I know!


Your name is “evelynfromtheinternets”, how did you come to this name and how vast is the difference between the social media persona and your real life personality. How is ”evelynfromdaytoday”? --

I started YouTube when being anonymous was expected and personal brands weren’t a thing. So yearsago when YouTube finally allowed people to change their username, I decided on evelynfromtheinternets! It included my name, but wasn’t my whole government and pretty much answered the question “where do I know you from?” My YouTube persona is what I sound like to myself in my head or when I’m cracking jokes with a close friend. To viewers who meet me in real life, I probably seem quiet. The truth is, I don’t know who you are, boo. Let’s start with a handshake and go from there!


How did you get into YOUTUBE?

I’ve always loved telling stories and creating media. Dubbing audio cassette tapes with fake DJ sets, recording fake TV shows and burning them onto DVDs, etc. Then social media happened! In 2008, I was a college freshman and would upload videos to Facebook to keep in touch with people. YouTube was just another place to upload the video and share the link! Then I realized anybody could find the video and watch…and here we are!


 I am interested in your concept of leveled identities. What place do all these identities have in connecting you with your viewers?

People just want to feel seen and understood, so this question is probably better answered by someone who watches my videos! I’ll never fully know the impact expressing some of my identities online will have on others, but in general sharing pieces of myself and my experiences prove you’re never completely alone.


How do you craft a video? when you do you say I want to “I want to make a video about this” and how do you go about storyboarding?

I’m a team of one so most of my creative decisions are made out of restrictions. I only storyboard if my video requires a shot outside of my apartment or I need to communicate my idea to someone else controlling the camera. I usually make a script or bullet point outline, practice a couple ways I want to deliver punchlines by mumbling to myself over and over like a weirdo, and then I set up and shoot!


Who do you derive your comedic inspiration from?

Humans are so hilarious and weird, y’all. Truth is always stranger than fiction, so I just watch people closely. I think most comedy is simply people watching articulated creatively.


Who do you want your audience to be (meaning MUAs make videos for makeup fans, foodies make videos for the food lovers)? who are you speaking to?

People who like to laugh and think. People who are like me, whether on the outside or the inside.


How you maintain mental balance and peace in the midst of balancing “letting the YT community in” and maintaining your real life? How do you maintain the desire for positivity and true conversation?

I ghost the Internet.


I’ve noticed a lot of your comedic rants incorporate levels of societal and semi-political critique. What do you believe is comedy’s place in the modern age? Is it more necessary now?

I don’t think comedy’s place has changed at all -- it has always been a critical eye on human behavior. Whether that critical eye actually wants human behavior to changeis something entirely. That’s probably a form activism. I think comedy helps people digest things easier and not feel victimized. It is such a great filter for feelings, fam.


How has YouTube and what you do developed your identity?

YouTube (and the Internet in general) gave me access to communities. People that gave me the vocabulary to express my thoughts, understand myself and others, and feel that I’m just part of a larger whole. That whole could be rooted in ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, personality, hobbies, sense of humor, or any cross section of those.


How do you envision your internet presence in the midst of the changing face of net neutrality?

This might be foolish, but I haven’t thought about it too hard. In general, this is really a fight between corporations (who aren’t people, just ran by them!) and government. Us as

Individuals are just collateral damage and money is actually root of the issue - C.R.E.A.M., you know? I gotta do more reading.


How did you react to/find out about your video making it to the "Lemonade" tour?

I have a video about it!


Advice to young female creators?:

As it relates to videocreators specifically, your presence is so necessary! There will always be someone in the world who needs your perspective on life. I know it’s difficult, but try not to get caught in the matrix. The Internet is the worst and best thing to ever happen to us. It can be a phenomenal tool to connect and unite us, so keep that in mind next time you’re wondering why your photo does get “enough” likes. Sharing your story is powerful enough!