Where are you from?

I’m from Pakistan.


How long have you been doing graphic design, and is it your main job?

I’ve been doing graphic design for ten years now and it’s been a year since I started working freelance. Yes it is, for now.  


Who are your inspirations?

I’ve been a fan of Saeed Akhtar since my childhood. He is a legendary painter, an icon in Pakistani art world. The strong, confident women in his paintings are my biggest inspiration.

Among graphic artists, Malika Favre is my favorite. Her work is minimal yet very detailed.  


Tips for other designers?

Don’t be afraid of creating something thinking that it has been done before. Of course, everything has been done before but not the way YOU will be doing it. Just get started with whatever ideas you have, and you will develop your own style in the process.

One more thing, there’s no template to be successful so do not follow others- Lead your own self.


Define your design, meaning what would you say your style is.

It’s calm and colorful. I think it’s a blend of many styles, like minimal, flat design, Pop art with a blend of south Asian fashion, Fashion art, If that’s a proper term. Haha!


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