Where are you from?

I was born in the former GDR / german Democratic Republic in Frankfurt/Oder in 1986.

Today, i am living and working in Berlin / Germany.


How long have you been doing graphic design, and is it your main job?

I started painting graffiti when i was about 14-15 years old and from then, i also started to illustrate and worked with letters a lot.

In 2009 i began studying comunication design and focused especially on illustration, graphics and advertising. Since then, graph design became a part of my daily life. Today i am working in an advertising agency as a senior art director and yes, you could probably say graphic design is my main job now.


What is your favorite image of your own?

That’s hard to say, also this is changing from time to time. But one of my favorites for sure i the yellow smiley rubber bondage mask i made when i started doing those kind of images i make. It is a strong statement about how i want to handle things myself and that’s why i made it my profile picture on instagram. It means: „Do whatever you like, as long as it makes you smile.“ (And of course as long it does not harm anybody.)


Who/what are your inspirations (human or object)?

I discover a lot of inspiring images through pop-culture. Pop means something famous, something many people know or can relate to and that gives me the opportunity to twist expectations and turn them into a different direction. Also art itself and design is a great inspiration because i often try to figure out the opinions and thoughts of famous artists. Then i follow these paths until i drift into an individual direction to come up with a new thought to it. The rest just happens randomly and get into mind all of a sudden.


Tips for other designers?

My former graphic design professor told me, that once i made an idea, i should cut all the unimportant parts on it until a clear essence is left. I try to follow that simple rule and it really helps me to get to the core of an image.


Define your design, meaning what would you say your style is.

My style is honest, simple and always follows the idea. I think it is not that much important if the execution is perfect, the idea is what counts in the end.

Sure, this might not be a popular designers’ opinion but i’m all about creating statements, that’s somehow above what a plain visual can do and that is what i put my focus on.

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