How did you come up with Sounzee?

I've been playing guitar and making music since I was young, and I have been interested in drawing and then animation filming since my childhood. Because of my work, I could make several video clips, animated commercials. I was thinking a lot about how I could make a movie in which music plays a big role, besides creating pictures and the visual world, I can gratify my passion for composing.

Anyone who plays an instrument or just loves instrumental music knows that each instrument has its own style, voice, and even its own soul. So, suddenly the picture became clear that the two has to be simply connected so that the music itself is in focus, the actors should be the instruments.


How long have you been animating?

About six years ago, I began to be more serious about it, when due to my filming assignments I got acquainted with such softwares with which one can make a cartoon alone, by using a computer.


How did you get the idea for this piece?

The basic idea was to show in a simple, nice story telling that in order to be loved love you do not necessarily have to change, just be yourself, „take on your own voice”, and there will be those who will love you due to this. Of course, I do not mean that you should not change, learn, evolve, but that you should not want to be someone else's copy.


I show this in a cartoon in a way that the protagonist guitar just wants to be a famous rock star to conquer the neighbour girl. But when he fails to do so, then in his sadness he plays his own tone, his own melody, and this attracts the attention of the neighbour girl with whom he can make a nice duet.


So a rock concert is an essential element of the story, a dream to become a rock star and the final duet. These were the basic ideas, and when I was thinking about what kind of instruments the actors of the cartoon should be, then I realized how many well-known musicians have their unique, characterful instruments. Such as Metallica. Who are my favourite since I was little. So there was no question that their instruments would give a concert. Kind of nasty, hard concert. Of course, the music was not Metallica, but my own piece, but I tried to make it similar to their style, but still to make my own.


In the dream scene, where the protagonist Sounzee imagines that he is a huge rock star, such a guitar solo was needed which was really worthy of a star. My friend, Csaba Matula helped me in this. He did not only make the mix of music for me but also wrote and played the guitar solos. I might also say that as I am Sounzee's synch sound, that is, he speaks by my guitar playing, my friend, Csaba, is the voice of the dream Sounzee. In fact, the neighbour girl speaks by his guitar play all the way.


What an obstacle you often run into while creating a piece?


The biggest difficulty is time. This animation work needed a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, this part needed a half-year work. This is the first part of the planned series, so now I've built the whole city and now all the characters have been made. But since they are ready, the following parts can be made much faster by using the ready buildings and characters.


But I did not feel any real difficulty since the creation of characters, places, stories and music parts is a real pleasure. That's what I like to do anyway. So making this cartoon is much more a reward rather than work for me.


Why no dialogue?


I would have liked it if the finished work was not tied to language. If anyone in the world watching it would understand it regardless of age or gender. For this, music is a perfect choice because it is a language that is understood and felt by an Asian child in exactly the same way as by a European elderly man. It is a universal language, which can give you very strong emotions.


What do you hope to achieve with your art?


First of all, I would like it to reach many people, and give them joy, pleasure and entertainment. I would like a series to be made of it, since a lot of things can happen in a world where everyone is an instrument. A lot of ideas, gags have been created in my head already, which are only waiting for implementation.


I also have a "secret" hope that perhaps this type of cartoon may endear instrumental music more with the viewer. If the music not only accompanies the story but is also an active actor, then the young people will also notice that this is also an important part of the big whole. And if perhaps the cartoon would cause some to meet, love, or even try musical instruments and instrumental play, then it would be an incredible pleasure for me.


What other projects are you working on or have you worked on?


My film works have been mostly music video clips and commercials. And as a larger project, I have made and I am currently making video tutorials about mask making and other visual tricks, and mainly to present a well-known film software. Drawing and painting remained hobbies for me, what I do for the enjoyment of myself. Although my music compositions can be accessed online, but I actually make them more for my own pleasure.


Do you wish to branch out into television?


Of course I would be happy if Sounzee would arouse the interest of a studio, and would become a television series. Not only would it be honourable, but it would also be great if it could reach more people due to this. I would not mind if a TV company find me with another interesting assignment.


But I like to make content to the internet, YouTube, so it's a very free, informal creation. It's a great thing in this age we live in that anyone can try him/herself and publish his/her creations. Of course, because of the large quantity certainly a lot of great work does not reach the audience, so luck is still needed to success, but there is more opportunity than in the past.


Why is age-defying content important?


Originally, I wanted to create a work enjoyable for all ages. But I had to realize that this cannot really be centered, i.e. the finished film will be pulled towards one of the age groups. And if I had to decide, I'd rather target the younger ones.


Cartoons made especially for adults are not enjoyable, understandable by children, or simply they are not made for them, while the cartoons for children can entertain a lot of adults.

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