WATCH & STREAM: Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy’s Demo dropped in February, giving the 19-year-old notoriety for his first solo project. The vocalist and guitarist recorded the entire 13-minute album on his iPhone. Steve Lacy demonstrates his smooth vocal range as he fabricates a seamless fusion of funk and soul. His best songs, Ryd/Dark Red have found their way into the hearts of his growing following, leading to the production of a music video. However, it is clear that this Californian singer is no novice to the music scene because he previously obtained a Grammy Nomination for his work on Ego Death by The Internet and assumed a prominent role in the creation of Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy. Along with many other collaborations, Steve Lacy has established his authentic self in an industry that actively works to strip those qualities away. Since he wastes no time with a studio or music crew, he is able to streamline his works very quickly and easily to the public. Since his album was released, he has been interviewed by the Fader, and has become the face of a clothing campaign by Illegal Civilization. Lacy seems like he wants to be a part of something bigger than himself and he deserves your attention because he is going to keep pioneering content to support that vision.  


Watch the music video for Ryd/Dark Red:

Stream Steve Lacy's Demo below:

*Also available on Apple Music

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