WATCH & STREAM: Rex Orange County


At 18 years old, Rex Orange County created an album inspired by his love life. This past April, Apricot Princess was released, marking a turning point in the British singer’s career.

Rex’s visual brainchild, Untitled, serves to shape the thematic direction of the album. The music video opens with a scene of a slumped, heartbroken boy sitting in The Ace Hotel’s Hoi Polloi in London. He dances with the love of his life near a pool and is pushed underwater. He is alone. We learn from his lyrics that it is he who lies to his lover and suffers the consequences of his mistakes. He is left soaking wet, sitting across the table from his other self. But it is hard to look him in the eye. He has done wrong and there is a soul crushing permanence to that. This is not the usual narrative. Rex has developed something extremely original by telling a story that his audience does not want to hear. He is young and sweet and maintains an air of innocence throughout his confession. However, he frames himself as the cause for his despair. And he sings not so much to appease his past lover, but more to console himself. He is bitter at the sheer acknowledgement that the blame for his relationship’s demise rests on his shoulders. It is hard for us to watch him struggle in isolated contemplation. His face contorts in sadness and he curls his posture inwards, completely defeated. It is for this truth that his album is respected, because he has brought something raw and overwhelmingly thoughtful to an international following.

The golden love songs that compose his debut album, Apricot Princess, are timeless and deserve your attention. Rex Orange County is just beginning to demonstrate the extent of his talents to the public ear. He is currently 19 years old and has a home in South London with his girlfriend, Thea.

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