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Growing up in a musically inclined family, singer/songwriter Jessica Childress mistook her exceptional vocal abilities as nothing special for much of her life. She largely pursued music as a hobby before participating in Season Four of NBC’s The Voice (2013).

A performance in May of 2013 at Los Angeles’ Hotel Cafe proved to be pivotal for Childress, the connection with and warmth shared with the audience proved to be too special to be ignored. According to Childress, this period of life was characterized by a growing certainty that music was in her heart but with no clear artistic vision.

In her twenties, Jessica Childress switched her career path from public relations to music, grappled with heartbreak, met and married the love of her life, and discovered who she wanted to be as a sexual being, artist and woman.

Her debut album, DAYS is an earnest reflection on those years - a recounting of the peaks and valleys of Childress’ twenties. Produced by Callum Connor (Anderson .Paak producer/DJ), Alex Elena (Alice Smith, Citizen Cope) and Topher Mohr (Mayer Hawthorne/guitarist), DAYS is the story of of a young adult life and the journey of figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up.

A sincere narration of the ebbs and flows of blossoming womanhood, according to Childress, DAYS would be missing the arc of the story had it been released earlier in her twenties. The songstress chooses to describe DAYS as a collection of all of the significant days of her life thus far, a highlight reel if you will.

Among the highlights: her first time refusing to conform for a man, discovering who she is as a sexual being (embodied in the track “Slow Down”), and a healthy number of gnarly breakups. The significance of releasing her first album with 2017, a big year for R&B a powerful female vocalists, as the backdrop is not lost on Childress, who describes 2017 as “the year of the singer” and finds the return to real talent edifying.

Expect DAYS release this month.

Tracks to listen for: “Starting Today,” “Waves”

Watch the video for her latest released singles: