What a Seed Needs

by Jeffrey Greenberg


Sam was a seed that hung from a tree,
A tall tree, a very tall tree indeed. 
As tall as a mountain the tree once stood, 
until it was cut down for all its wood.

The tree tumbled, rumbled and fumbled way down, 
and with it one seed fell to the ground. 
The seed was named Sam, and she didn't know, 
what next to do, or where she should go. 

So, Sam decided she should go run along, 
something may tell her where she belonged. 
All alone she walked through the forest and trees, 
Sam walked and walked tirelessly. 

One night, Sam was so incredibly sleepy, 
that she accidentally bumped a nest with her tiny seed knee.
When she bumped, she jumped, and out flew a bee,
"So, you're here to steal our delicious honey?"

"No" exclaimed Sam "I've never heard about honey..."
"Never heard?" said the bee, "oh you're trying to be funny."
"I'm here to ask a question to you Mr. Bee"
"what am I, and where am I supposed to be?"

The bee giggled so hard it fell on its back, 
"You're funny, please stop you'll give me a buzz attack!"
Sam responded "Well, what if I happen to be a bee?" 
The bee then exclaimed "you must know you're a seed!" 

"A seed can grow from small to tall, 
I forget what it needs, I forget what it's called.
You will need to go and ask somebody else, 
A friend of mine, Mort Monarch might be able to help."

So, the bee told Sam to hop on its back, 
and they flew away to find Mort, nothing more than that.
Moments later, the bee landed by his old friend Mort,
"I'll drop you off here, nothing more of this sort"

The bee flew away leaving only Sam behind, 
then Sam saw a colorful pattern flapping its wings in the sky. 
"Hey there" said Sam but it didn't turn around,
not a word was said, only its wings made a sound.

"Mr. Bee sent me to ask you an important question!" 
Then Sam heard Mort’s voice proclaim, "Well that he didn't mention."
"I fell on the ground from a fallen tree!" she decreed
"And I can't seem to find where a seed like me is supposed to be!"

From the tips of the leaves on the tips of the trees, 
Mort fluttered his wings down to the ground gracefully. 

"Well it seems to me you're a seed you see, 
and the need of a seed is water indeed.
Alas, drink a glass of my Nectar-ade, 
a sleepy seed seems to need one after a long hard day."

Mort flew Sam back to his butterfly nest, 
"such a long hard day sure deserves you some rest” he did suggest.
Mort handed Sam some of his homemade Nectar-ade,
"Oh, and did I mention seeds need lots of shade!"

So, Sam said “Mort is that all I should need to know?
Some nectar-ade and shade, they will help me grow?"
"Yes, indeed that's all good for a seed!" Mort decreed
Yet I feel a great deal more you'll desperately need"

"It's been said seeds are bred under beds of sticks.
Or maybe it's tissues, spaghetti, or toothpicks?
I can't seem to remember all the needs of a seed.
Start gathering sticks, sticks we'll retrieve."

Mort carried tiny sticks from the green forest floor, 
placing them one by one in front of his tiny nest door.
"Ok Sam the Seed, this is all you should need!
Sleep under this pile to grow, and grow you will indeed!"

"Mort, how long should I wait under this pile?
“Wait a couple days” Mort explained “but you can always stay a while!" 
Sam slept for days, and days under the pile, 
Until a full 3 days she proclaimed, "I've stayed more than a while"

Mort explained "well you must give it an extra day,
It could help if you stay, you could grow, you just may...."
"I'm sorry" Sam said "I just think sticks didn't work"
“Then sleep under spaghetti” Mort exclaimed, “spaghetti won’t hurt!"

"I think I should leave, I can ask someone else,
but thank you Mort, thank you for all of your help"
"Then I wish you good luck Sam, I most certainly do,
I look forward to the day I can fly as high as you.”

Sam climbed down, out from Mort Monarchs nest,
And continued to walk, and walk on her quest
As the sun began to set, Sam's legs began to hurt, 
she walked too long and far, grew tired, then sat in the dirt. 

The night grew dark, and Sam grew cold,
So, she hugged the earth, something warm for her to hold. 
But that night Sam was sleepier than ever before, 
she began to snore and snore, much more and much more. 

The sky started to thunder with rumbles and roars, 
rain clouds covered stars, water began to pour. 
That night Sam burrowed herself beneath the earth, 
covering her tiny seed body with piles and piles of dirt. 

The damp dreary rain, down it came and down it came, 
“It’s best if I try to stay dry” Sam proclaimed
But the very next morning, the rain had stopped pouring, 
a slumber-some Sam was sleepily snoring. 

Beneath the soil Sam slept seemingly well, 
the Sun rise kissed the earth, and a sprout popped from Sam’s shell. 
She opened her tiny eye’s and to her tiny surprise, 
Sam was more than a seed, in fact, a tree inside. 

All on her own, an answer she found, 
to grow it takes rain, sunshine, and the ground.


meet the creator:

Jeff Greenberg

Jeff Greenberg

My name is Jeffrey Greenberg, and I am a senior in the Kogod School of Business at American University. One of my hobbies has always been writing music. In fact, I had the opportunity during the summer of 2017 to write music with the head producer of Channel 7 news in Miami, Florida. Writing keeps me balanced, and allows me all the creative freedom I could ever enjoy. The inspiration behind “What A Seed Needs” has a lot to do with my story as an individual. Throughout my life, I have been through many tough circumstances, and during those hard times I contacted numerous people for advice and guidance. I found, however, the best advice I ever received was the knowledge I gained while struggling on my own.


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Thank you for your time, and interest.