By: Gilly Blais


the road is paved

with neglected remains

of self-love deemed too broken to save

left to decay

in hollow dirt graves

buried six feet

under the covers

she rests without peace

beside ghosts she treats as lovers

men who claim to adore their own sisters and mothers

but value the rest as scores, tallies, and numbers



society champions man’s competition for more


while insisting “too much” makes women sluts, hoes, and whores

though if one gives “too little” then she is a prude and a bore

on the other hand

held too tight

do not pretend these men do not know the wrong from the right

while women must pretend they are not filled with fright


when a man walking behind her comes just a little too near


walking home when the streets are not lit and the path is unclear


that a boy will rape her in high school and still get to build a career


in a society whose concern is insincere


forced into submission


why don’t you tell these women there is no division

between the sexes?

i dare you

she’ll beg to differ

cause just last weekend she had a boy try to kiss her

in the club

she said no but he reached for his zipper

“it’s your study abroad”  

“you’re supposed to have fun”

“aren’t you american, girl?” he whispered

into to her ear as he kept moving closer

and what would you say if i said she was sober?


how would you blame her now?


a short skirt does not allow

a man

to ignore the word “no”

it is not her fault he did not get the memo the first time

even after she lied

and said that she had a boyfriend

she tried

she tried

to stand up for herself


the weekend before a boy wanted to dance


then he got mad when she wouldn’t give him a chance

and as he was walking away

he pulled her hair

but still

few things compare

to the stares she gets from old men on the street

feasting their eyes on a fresh piece of meat

licking their lips, whistling, and honking their horns


is that your best excuse?

justification for the abuse?


she could care less about a man’s “needs”

when he barks at her like she is a dog

when she’s out with her friends or just going for a jog

do you think that is attractive?

think it makes her want to fuck you?

fuck you

and your misogynistic entitlement too.


LACE MAGxComment