voicemails i would leave him if i still cared



I like that your favorite word is minimalistic.

When I close my eyes real tight in a quiet room, I can hear it.

You would say it like it’s always at the tip of your tongue,

Pressing right up against your teeth,

Wanting to slip through your lips.

You would get so happy when you said it.

I just miss the crinkles next to your eyes.





I walked by a lanky man today.

As I walked passed him, I could smell it.

He wore the same cologne as you.

The fragrance trapped me in a bubble of May.

I remembered the day we tripped over flower petals

And fell in love over French toast.

How is that plant on your coffee table?

Is it dead yet?




I met someone new today.

When I looked into his eyes I could see it.

I could see lemonade on the patio and long car rides.

For the first time, your face didn’t squirm its way into my mind.

I’m lingering on the end of this,

Of us.

Closer to the edge.

I’m scared to jump and leave you behind,

But I’ll get there.


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