what if

what would happen if we met today?

I think about that a lot.


if all the memories just

faded away:

the days of longing

and childish dreams,

of dark auditoriums

and silent spoken schemes.

every second we spent


and you and I

were just strangers again.


would we still drive around

and listen to Kanye?

hell, I’d take J. Cole

and sitting in my driveway.

would we spend hours talking,

spitting our sarcasm,

reminisce about the past

and not about having one.

(could we live in the present,

just learn to forgive and forget?)


would we spend the night

staring at the stars

plastered on my ceiling,

thinking they’re the real thing?

or just settle for my kitchen floor

and our listening,

playing things

we couldn't stand to say.

(would the songs be the same

or have we really changed?)


maybe the new me and you would

have all this

and just be okay.


if we could erase it all

forget our minds

and find the right time

to meet again sometime

like it was the first time.


I’d like to meet you again.

it’s one of those moments you take

for granted,

one I actually forget.

I’d pay attention this time.


I'd take the risk that we’d end up the

same way we did

the first time around.

it'd be worth it.


what would happen if we met today?

I think I would like you.

I think you’d like me now too.

I think about that a lot.


Emily Von UrffComment