A Poetry Collection

By Minsun (@writemehigher)  

OCT 2, 2017   

Walk through the forest

             Of her mind and

                      Discover the secrets hidden

Among the trees

Watch and observe how

             Her forest is in an

                       Ever-growing state

Watch, and marvel at its beauty.  




OCT. 20, 2017

I was never one to test the waters

So I always burned or froze

But I’m cautiously dipping my toes in

To see how my like for you grows





and i was happy until you

in my head your poison grew

cultivating chaos

churning, burning, blue


blue, my favorite color

soon became my mood

gave me lies and alibis  

as if they were some food




apart in love

and then i was happy

i could feel every part of you blending with me until all i could feel was


you were mine a last, a real-life victory in

a counterfeit world

your words painted beauty on my heart with delicate strokes

and tangled gentleness through my hair with caring hands

though we were thousands of miles