“You will experience exactly what she did.”

The Plot

The Vanishing” follows Rex (Gene Bervoets), a young man who obsessively searches for his missing girlfriend Saskia (Johanna ter Steeg). Little does he know, in the background, someone watches his every move.


The Director

This is the one-hit-wonder of now-deceased Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer. Praised by Stanley Kubrick himself as a revolutionary director, Sluzier’s grainy, near supernatural eye for thrills and horror brings forth a masterful vision in his most beloved work.

The Psychological Horror

“Vanished without a trace.” It is something we all fear, whether it happens to a friend or family member, or even the stranger who lives down the street. Sluizer masterfully portrays the dread and unease portrayed when someone goes to the very limits of their ability in order to simply learn the truth.


The Golden Egg

What is the golden egg? Is its appearance in dreams simply a coincidence, or is there something larger at play? Themes of undying love, rivalry, and connection are intricately explored as each of our characters delve deeper into their predestined purposes, aided by fantastically disturbed performances and a pitch perfect screenplay. Will you discover the meaning of the golden egg?  

The Atmosphere

Horror. Horror affects us all in different ways. But there can’t be any horror without an atmosphere to back it up. In a mirage of colored chiaroscuro, the film’s color pallet only elevates the nervousness of the viewer. At every moment, there is a sense of someone watching you, yet there could be no one there.

Ryan ParkerComment