“Incredibles 2” was written and directed by Brad Bird and follows the titular super-family as they struggle to juggle between the family life and that of a superhero.

Being a long-anticipated sequel to the much-beloved 2004 film, “Incredibles 2” had great expectations laid upon it, and in many cases, it succeeds in surpassing the original.

Technology has greatly improved over the past 14 years. As a result, the animation is significantly improved over the dated first entry. Lighting and smaller details have been particularly revamped much to my joy.

Brad Bird also proves his competence as a director, with a wide variety and interesting selection of shot types and compositions, especially in comparison to most computer-animated movies today.

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Most of the acting is also steady and gets the job done. Although some voices have slightly changed due to the actors getting older, they are still recognizable and lovable.

In many interviews, Bird stated that he would never make a sequel unless he wrote a story as good or better than the original. But did he live up to his own expectations?

Yes and no. The story somewhat falters as a superhero film, but as a family drama/comedy, it soars above the expectations laid for it. The chemistry between the Parr family is fluid and believable, and their connection is multi-layered and complex.

The comedic and action aspects of the film are also vastly better than the original. With better technology and a larger budget, Bird used the chance to make a great action film out of a passion project.

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Now for what I dislike about the film. As said earlier, as a superhero film, “Incredibles 2” is above average at best. It may have great action sequences, but the film completely lacks a good villain, who is stereotypical and predictable.

Many other superhero side-characters appear as well, and this is where the acting can become rather cringy at times.

The first third of the film also has some uneven pacing issues. While mostly not a huge issue, there were some transitions that felt awkward, though the issue was fix fairly early in the runtime.


Despite its lack of a good villain, “Incredibles 2” is an absolute blast from start to finish. With breathtaking animation, great character development, and roll-on-the-floor humor, this is a must-watch for all ages.

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