A Quick-Start Guide to the YT Mini-Series Community


YouTube has progressed in the last years from a reservoir of cat blunders and lyrics videos to an established medium for skilled comedians, writers, and filmmakers. Short-film making and mini-series production are supported by the site and have generated a considerable following, however many shows and short films still go unnoticed and unappreciated. A lack of exposure and a clear divide between the viewing communities causes many wanting to engage in YouTube culture very overwhelming and difficult. Let us help you dive in! Enjoy this list of some great YT content.


1.     THE BSU: The BSU is a comedy series on comedian, writer, and director, Issa Rae’s channel. It is a mini series that chronicles  a group few black California students trying to begin their own Black Student Union at their college. The one season show is hilarious and offers a lighthearted critic of college relations and community involvement. (see also: U-BROKE series)


2.     THE GAY AND WONDROUS LIFE OF CALEB GALLO: This comedy series follows the exciting life and times of one California man as he maneuvers his way through love, hookups, relationships. The series acts as a supplement to Bryan Jordan Alvarez YT channel where many other shorts skits of similar humor can be found.


3.     The Misadventures of AWKARD Black Girl: To some, Issa Rae’s fame seemingly appeared overnight with the hit HBO show, Insecure. However, she cemented her power as both a comedian and filmmaker with this hilarious two-season series. The show is a great binge-watch for those that enjoy Insecure, as the series follows a seemingly younger version of the Issa we see in the show. With the hilarious, honest, and unique content and storylines, it is impossible to not fall in love with the show and its many wild characters.


4.     THE AND’S  #FIRST DATE SERIES: The AND is a powerful YT channel that produces very intense and thought-provoking content. The "#FirstDate' series is an assembly of brief episodes in which complete strangers engage in a blind date orchestrated by the channel. It is an interesting concept and a captivating watch as two  people unfold one another other in front of the camera, unscripted, for the first time.


5.     Hello Cupid: Hello Cupid produces a storyline that is unique and unpredictable. The show follows a shy, single, and stressed Whitney who uses her best-friend's bubbly and beautiful friend's likeness to catfish men on a popular dating site. The show is expertly equipped with a catchy introduction and anything but typical storyline.


6.     PASSING THROUGH: The show is set in Canada and is no doubt a niche taste. However, upon giving the show a try it’s hard not to laugh and fall in love with the characters amidst their crass humor and unapologetic “Pogey” lifestyle.


7.     THE BROTHERS RIDELL: The team is the unsung hero of short YT film. Their strength arises in great command of strong cinematography and multiple genre production. Watch their short films for brief, but captivating film pieces. Not to mention, they have a pretty catchy intro song.


8.     Flat 3: The series is a brilliant story following two flat-mates in New Zealand maneuvering their relationships, lives, and microagressions with humor!


9. Little Horribles: Dry humor and relatable moments from some of your TV favs!


10. Gayle: The hilarious series was born out of the viral sketch, Company is Coming, created by Chris Flemming. The satirical series highlights a very neurotic New England mom powered by granola, neighborhood drama, and her utter hatred for "road head".




Enjoy Issa Rae’s weekly #ShortFilmSundays:

We suggest you start with these: “Ladylike”, "Seventh Grade”, and “We Are Artists

Sydney Felder