Our LACE Spotlight this month goes to local painter and student, Katie Bonner. She attends Georgetown University where she doubles majors in Physics and Art. She completes commissioned works in her time away from her studies and uses art as both therapy and a supplement to her learning. In reference to her double major she says "It just seemed like the best testament to the way my mind works and I think Physics and Art really compliment each other well". Bonner's work acts as an example of the necessity and thoughtfulness of art. She proves that the medium must not be reduced to simply decorations on our walls but have a prevalent place in our society as both an aid to our mind and our emotions. Join as we paint a picture of this month's LACE spotlight, Katie Bonner.

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How long have I been painting?: Since before my brain matured enough to remember my own life

Why painting matters to me: Its how i make sense of the world and its a way to make people feel what i can feel with out fear of that getting lost in words

Artistic advice: use as much color and paint as possible - nothing is too precious to paint over with more paint

Painting routine: a big cup of tea, some loud music, and 6 hours at a time

The story of my first work: I painted on a canvas for the first time at the age of 8 after being inspired by the work of Akiane Kramarik

How I find inspiration: In my most passionate emotions, whether that's from a personal story or that of a close friend's

Insta: kueightee

CONTACT: keb277@georgetown.edu

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