With her pink fur Kangol and Bratz inspired wardrobe rapper Yung Baby Tate is bringing Spice Girl vibes to the Atlanta rap scene. She provides a necessary feminine force to the art form that she wishes will both empower the young women that look up to her and allow her fans to dance. In her own words, “I just hope to add some fun... I want to change the way women can express themselves”. The artist writes her own music and produces her own beats which ooze ‘90s nostalgia but make the future of her music and its impact on the rap community highly anticipated. This month we highlight Yung Baby Tate, a fluorescent, feminine force on the rise.

"The biggest issue with being a female artist is that there are so many extra hoops. Society accepts mediocrity from men. [Women] have to be a million times harder"

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INSTA: @yungbabytate


STYLE/INSPO: Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Pharell, Metro Boomin


FAVORITE ALBUM: Gwen Stefani’s "Love. Angel. Music. Baby."




Her clothes are vintage and her beats are authentic. When the young artist isn't performing she can be found adding to her extensive collection of originally composed music, "boutique-hopping", sewing, dancing and acting.

Yung Baby Tate doesn’t buy into the exclusivity of her music or the rap community. Her music, style, and message are uniquely her own as she has created each part of her persona from the ground up. Her fashionable flow and production blend the smooth mixes of 90s RnB with the allure of today’s trap. Her first EP, “ROYGBIV” is indicative of her style and believed power of her music to unify. “The rainbow is for everyone, she says, it includes everybody”. Her next project is entitled “BOYS”, which she says will be a “bubble trap pop” album and a call to action for her young female fans to believe in themselves and for boys to respect it.

 Her eventual goal is to start her own label to contest the big business corruption of larger recording companies. Tate wishes to empower young artists and nurture their skills. Her demeanor is warm and bubbly and she exhibits great knowledge of herself and her medium. The rapper's music and persona are representative of the power of art not only to bring audiences joy but to make the industry a better and more inclusive place for all creators and lovers of music.