Buffalo Exchange: The Holy Grail

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Pricepoint: $

Accessibility: 3.5/5

Fashion: Ranges from vintage to modern trends

Eco-friendly: 4.5/5


The first time I discovered Buffalo Exchange was just by chance. Basically boiling in the September heat, I aimlessly wandered the streets of Dupont Circle, looking for an escape from the common retail stores that I visited so often. Then, in the middle of 14th Street, off of the corner of N, I found my new muse: Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange is a fashion-forward consignment shop that caters to every kind of fashionista. You can find this popular pit-stop just a walk away from the Dupont Circle metro station. Bustling with customers and friendly staff, this innovative and trendy business does not disappoint.


The Necessities:

Okay, let me break it down for you. Before you go to Buffalo Exchange, here’s what you need to know… 

  • Transportation: The store is located in the heart of Dupont, a 15 minute walk from the metro, max. 
  • Features: The store itself is quaint but filled with personality. Customers can bring in their own clothes to sell. Whether it’s been used, unused, old, new, worn-in, or squeaky clean, it doesn’t matter! This store satisfies every kind of shopper. 
  • Available Styles: While taking a look around the racks upon racks of clothes, I came upon brands such as Versace, North Face, Lucky Brand, and many others that are in high demand. However, although the store contains many luxurious items, it also has a ton of vintage and used clothing! But don’t be discouraged… this place is a standing gold mine. 
  • Pricing: Not only is every item unique and good quality, but the price is right too! Buffalo Exchange will leave you with a plethora of new clothes to strut around in for the Fall season (and leave you with some money in your pocket too!.)


 Other reasons to love Buffalo Exchange: 

  • Eco-friendly: Guys, this store is even more than just a cheap and cool place to shop, it’s also eco-friendly! When checking out with the cashier with your new gear in hand, you will notice that the store does not have paper OR plastic bags. Instead, they use reusable (and I must say, cute!) bags. The bags do cost an additional $2 to your order, therefore you can always opt out of the purchase and walk out bag-free! 
  • Holiday Attire: Looking for a funky Halloween costume this year? Buffalo Exchange has a whole rack dedicated to one-of-a-kind costumes for one-of-a-kind individuals.
  • Full of Opportunities: Not only is this place eco-friendly and super dope, but it’s also insanely busy! Every time I’ve visited there has always been a diverse crowd. And with a diverse crowd comes diverse styles! When you walk into Buffalo Exchange, you never know what kind of gems you will find hidden beneath the racks and hangers. Buffalo Exchange is also constantly accepting new items from customers… the employees can be seen rolling in carts full of newly donated clothing many times a day!


Whether you’re looking for vintage styles, Halloween costumes, popular trends, or just looking to get some cash for your clothes, Buffalo Exchange is definitely a style station to add to your inventory.  



-Grace Grenier 

Grace Grenier